Silver and Gold Magazine Autumn 2020 - Page 8

Building You A Better Smile Our Services include: • Implant Dentures • Complete & Partial Dentures • Immediate Dentures • Soft Liner Alternative • Same Day Repairs & Relines • Lab on Site • Free Consultations • We Do House Calls THERE ARE GOOD CHANGES The current pandemic has changed our awareness in many ways: Having to wear masks, be aware of our distance to others and what – or who – we touch, rethinking work, finances, and child-minding, have been game changers for 2020. Although there have been many negatives publicized about the considerable damages brought on by the pandemic, we need to also consider the benefits of these changes, as our bodies, minds, and lifestyles have adjusted to our ‘new normal’. Never have we seen so many people spending more time with their immediate loved ones, venturing outdoors, focusing on increased health, and finding ways to get creative with their time and money. For three months this year, the world came to a halt, and we’ve had to think creatively of how to spend time indoors and keep sane, while learning to adjust to new safety guidelines. Changes we’ve seen in sales: – By Suzanne Soto-Davies • Pools, hot tubs and playground sales sky-rocketted, as families rethink their time at home, rather than traveling. Some Big Box stores reported sales of over 300 pools per month! • Outdoor home renovations increased, including decks, fence repair, steps, window and home dressings (eaves, soffit/fascia, roofing). • Eye makeup sales increased as well, while foundation and lipstick sales plummeted, all in the name of looking our best while covering up half of our face. • Computer and internet sales increased, as many were forced to turn to working from home and demanding better communication service and technology. • Online sales of comfort clothing increased – from pajamas to yoga pants. Sales of shoes decreased drastically. Emilio Leuzzi Denturist HBSc. DD FICOI 113 King St W, Dundas 905.627.8478 Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-5 Fri & Sat by Appointment 8 Read + hear more: New Patients Welcome