Silver and Gold Magazine Autumn 2020 - Page 23

Together, we can sustain your income and retirement lifestyle, for life. click for video message Riders on the storm: Financial resilience. The goal isn’t entirely a return to normal but perhaps a new normal where workplace and socialization follow new norms... If we learn from all this, recovery is faster and more enduring – or if we ignore such lessons we will repeat similar events again... READ Aging and wealth: Putting money into your future. Can you look at your future-self without seeing a total stranger? Scientifically it is proven that people are so rooted in “today” that making decisions for future wealth can feel like giving money away to a total stranger. Take one of these people pictured here... READ Climate change: Democracy, responsible investing. There are many positive forces at work in the discussion of climate change. One is that younger generations favour more energy efficient choices. Another is the speedy take-up of plant-based proteins, as people choose chicken and fish for their lower environmental hazard... READ Getting past the storm: Life income, Plus. We can suggest valuable insights now from this season. For instance, how and when will we see recovery? Where does this take us over the coming year, three years, and beyond? What is risk and how do you feel about it?... READ It’s never too late to build and preserve your wealth. Let’s talk. Brian Weatherdon, MA, CFP, CLU, CPCA. Certified Financial Planner Certified Retirement Coach (905) 637-3500 x 223 CLICK to email: Silver & Gold Magazine ~ FALL 2020 23