Silver and Gold Magazine Autumn 2020 - Page 11

Taste • Smell, sight, touch and sound work in unison with your taste buds to create an impression of flavour. Expectation plays a big part too: If someone tells you that you will not enjoy a flavour, chances are that you will not! • Scientists found that people associate ham with salt – so simply adding a subtle ham-like scent or flavour to a food (such as “liquid smoke”) can make your brain perceive a food as saltier than it actually is. • In blind taste tests, people have rated wines more favorably when they’re told the wines are more expensive. • Airplane food tastes bland due to low humidity and low air pressure. “Bad airplane food” has also been perceived because of noisy engines, which diminish flavours. • Studies indicate that many taste preferences are genetic: An adopted baby from Asia may be more drawn to Asiancultural foods and flavours rather than those of their adoptive family’s style of cooking. Scientists say this may be part of a code written in each person’s DNA. • Twenty five per cent of people have 100 times more taste buds than the average person – they’re called “supertasters”and it’s because of this that they may find some foods overly sweet or spicy. • Thinking about food, or just looking at it may make your mouth water, because brain receptors are activated by memory and scent. • Contrary to previous beliefs, the tongue can actually identify all basic flavours in any part of it – it is not divided into different sections. There are also taste buds on the roof and back of the mouth, and on the inner cheeks. • Like most other senses, the sense of taste worsens with age. • Flies and butterflies have taste organs on their feet, allowing them to taste anything they land on. Roseland Denture Clinic Specializing in “Difficult to Fit” Dentures Full & Partial Dentures using acrylic or porcelain teeth Premium Dentures to Low Cost Dentures Repairs & Relines Same Day Service Myoloc and Implant Retained Dentures Dental Lab on premises Karl Pfaff DD ROSELAND DENTURE CLINIC ROSELAND PLAZA 3027 New Street at Guelph Line, Burlington 905.637.3251 Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5 by Appointment Speaking of taste... “If I had only known in March it would be my last time in a restaurant, I would have ordered dessert.” “Keep in mind, even during a pandemic, no matter how much chocolate you eat, your earrings will still fit.” Through the Door Support for Seniors & People with Special Needs ◊ medical & dental appointments ◊ alzheimer’s companionship ◊ grocery & personal shopping ◊ community programs & activities Celebrating Our Fourth Anniversary! First Time CLIENT OFFER: SAVE 15% 905-399-6831 Silver & Gold Magazine ~ FALL 2020 11