Silver and Gold Magazine Autumn 2020 - Page 10

OUR AMAZING SENSES – By Jacklyn Fernandez Touch + Did you know? click for an interesting tidbit! • Smaller fingers have a better sense of touch because they have more sense receptors packed together in smaller area. • Scratching has been said to be “contagious” because of our disease-fighting instincts: If you see someone scratching, your brain intuitively wonders if you’ve been exposed to the same insect, bacteria, and so on. • Just thinking about something being itchy can actually make us feel itchy somewhere. • “Fist-bumping” between athletes has been shown to directly affect the outcome of a competition. In a UC Berkeley study of NBA teams during the 2008–2009 season, researchers saw that players and teams who engaged in celebratory touches (fist bumps, high tens, etc.) after successful shots early in the season performed noticeably better later in the season. • Physical interaction during an interview has been shown to give the applicant a better chance of being hired. • In one study, a job applicant provided their résumé attached to a light clipboard, and another applicant on a heavy clipboard. Subjects rated the heavy clipboard applicant as being more ‘qualified’ – even though both résumés were identical. • Studies show that prolonged touch deprivation in infants (for example, babies in understaffed orphanages or preemies in incubator isolation) can result in stunted growth and poor immune systems right away, plus significantly higher rates of heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes in adulthood. • Dr. Linden (author of Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart and Mind) has performed several studies which indicate that, when a newborn is touched extensively (carried, caressed, snuggled) they grow up with fewer health problems – including stronger immune systems and less digestive issues. 10 Read + hear more: