FINISH ING INST RUCT IONS PREPARE YOUR NEW DOOR FOR FINISHING 1. Sand the entire surface lightly using 5/0 sandpaper (180 grit) before you apply first coat of finish. 2. Wipe dust and sand grit from door with a clean cloth – avoid using abrasive or caustic cleaners. Note: Excessive sanding could damage veneer – Signamark Wood Species doors are 1/16" thick, Primed MDF doors are 1/8" thick. FINISHING INTERIOR DOORS FOR CLEAR OR STAIN FINISH – SIGNAMARK WOOD SPECIES DOORS (Not recommended for Primed MDF): Prepare Signamark doors as listed above. Apply a base coat of pre-sealer before staining. Then apply stain to door. In some situations multiple coats may be required to achieve desired stain color. Finish by applying two coats of clear top coat (for best results lightly sand between coats). Finish all six sides of door slab with stain and top coat. Note: Always follow stain manufacturer’s instructions for best results. It is recommended to use our Signamark Cherry, Signamark Mahogany or Signamark Red Oak for all dark stain applications. FOR PAINT FINISH – PRIMED MDF DOORS (Although entire line of door products can be painted, Primed MDF is recommended for best painting results): Prepare door as listed above. Primed MDF doors are pre-primed, so all you need to apply is 1-2 coats of either latex or oil based paint. For Signamark Wood Species doors it is recommended to apply a prime coat first before painting. Then apply two coats of either latex or oil based paint. Finish all six sides of the door slab with primer and paint. Note: Always follow paint manufacturer’s instructions for best results. PHOENIX ™ P710 SIGNAMARK PINE FIVE LITE MULTI CUBE ™ M005 PRIMED MDF HARVEST ™ E631 SIGNAMARK RED OAK COSMO ™ GROOVED G170 SIGNAMARK MAHOGANY CROSS REED G455 SIGNAMARK CHERRY M A INT ENA NCE Signamark Doors have been specially engineered using quality materials to bring you years of lasting beauty and performance. Once you have applied your chosen finish you should periodically inspect your doors for wear. Doors exhibiting any signs of wear should be maintained according to the stain or paint manufacturer’s recommendations. PRODUCTS SHOWN FINISHED FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. ©2020 TRINIT Y GLASS INTERNATIONAL, INC.