Sidelight Sidelight | Issue 1 - Page 4

SHOOTING AT NIGHT Newcastle/Gateshead and the River Tyne 2 ISO 100 You might think that you’d need a high ISO for a night scene like this. However, using a low ISO value will reduce the risk of image noise soft ening the fi ne details in the resulti ng photo. The one big drawback to using a low ISO for night scenes is that you invariably need to use a long shutt er speed. 1 Aperture f/11 A relati vely small aperture was required to produce suffi cient depth of fi eld. This also had the happy accident of creati ng a star eff ect around the light of the various streetlamps in the scene. 3 Shutt er speed 15 sec. The combinati on of low light, small aperture and a low ISO fi gure required the use of a lengthy shutt er speed of 15 seconds. This meant that the camera needed to be mounted on a tripod to avoid camera shake. The long exposure has blurred the water of the river fl owing through the shot. 4 Night shooti ng Oddly enough the best ti me to shoot night scenes isn’t at night! Shooti ng at dusk - approximately twenty minutes aft er sunset - means that there is generally sti ll colour and light in the sky. This helps to defi ne the shapes of buildings on the skyline.