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Sidelight Illumination placed at 90° to a camera that reveals shape and form H May 2017 SHOOTING MACRO Cuckoo fl ower ello and welcome to the fi rst issue of Sidelight photography magazine. I’m David Taylor, a landscape and architecture photographer based in Northumberland, England. This issue of Sidelight features tips and tricks that will help you improve your photography skills, using my own photography as examples. Future issues will also include reviews of photography equipment and books, interviews with other photographers, and all you need to know about my favourite photography locations. In the meantime, enjoy the current issue! 1 Depth of fi eld One of the challenges of macro photography is working with a narrow depth of fi eld. Even when using the smallest aperture available it may not be possible to achieve front-to- back sharpness. However, this drawback can be used creati vely to make soft er, more impressionisti c images, an approach that suits organic subjects such as fl owers. Thorny Doors Hadrian’s Wall is a photogenic subject all year round. One of my favourites stretches along the wall is Thorny Doors between Cawfi elds and Caw Gap. From here the view north appears to stretch on forever across farmland and moors. It gives a powerful impression of what it must have been like as a Roman soldier posted to the very edges of civilisati on. Camera Sony A7 II Lens 24mm Shutt er speed 1/8 sec. Aperture f/11 ISO 100 Filtrati on 2-stop ND grad + polariser 2 Focus Because of the lack of depth of fi eld it’s important to focus accurately when shooti ng macro. I usually switch to manual focus and zoom into the Live View on the rear of my camera. I can then very carefully adjust focus unti l the most important part of the subject is perfectly sharp.