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CICK board member. Our playlist was a nostalgic journey of music we discovered at festivals in the North over the past two years. It got us stoked for the upcoming festival season. Recently, someone I work with came up to me and said he heard me on the radio. It was a great conversation starter and cool to think y ou can connect with people through the airw aves. As a comm unity member, I feel lucky to have local radio (and their dedicated volunteers) as part of my lifestyle in the Bulkley Valley. Top Ten Reasons to Participate in Volunteer Hour: 1. You get to share some of your favourite tunes. 2. You support and build your community by participating in local radio. 3. Matt/Glen demonstrate their technical prowess by pushing all the buttons for you. 4. You get to hang out in a cool vintage CN train. 5. You discover new tunes ‘cause Matt/Glen listen to your music and share new CDs in the studio. 6. C’mon, you know you want to try being a DJ. 7. The hour flies by quickly and y ou can talk as much or as little as you want. 8.You discover what your voice sounds like and the funny things you didn’t know you say. 9.You meet new people. 10. Sharing is caring. Share the music you dig and you’ll connect with others. Heidi Havdale As someone who has al ways been fascinated by radio and DJ subculture, but is a wee bit shy about speaking to the masses, messing ar ound with the soundboard, and/or committing to a long-ter m show, the Smither s Community Radio Volunteer Hour gave me a solution to such dilemmas. First off, you don’t have to speak…w ell, not very much at least. You can pla y music practically the entire time and b uild up y our banter as y ou become more comfortable. I was lucky enough to do the first ever Volunteer Hour with Glen, who made me feel extremely relaxed and didn’t laugh at me when I r ad an entire playlist e without breathing (it w as actually quite impr essive). Here’s a trick: put on the headphones! Not only will you look way more legit as a DJ, you will automatically feel at ease. The hour will pass by in a heartbeat and you will soon find yourself dreaming up a signature sign off or DJ name (I went with DJ Hoop). Second, there’s no need to have any nightmares about pressing the wr ong button on the board, which may result in colossal damage to the train, the immediate detonations of all important CICK documents, or, much worse, an exceptionally embarrassing interruption to your show. You don’t need to touch any buttons for the whole hour, except PLAY on your playlist…and Glen or Matt could likely be persuaded to do even that. Third, the Volunteer Hour is a one off. You’re not obligated to do it e ver again…but trust me: you are going to want to. I ended up signing up for a second show with a friend. It was great to collaborate on a playlist and share a few stories about our festival experiences with the community. Also, if you do multiple Volunteer Hours, you can try playing different genres or themes. You’ll quickly become familiar with the studio and ready to launch your very own weekly show. FR44fVFVW"W"2bF7F2'GVGFG"WBW"D62B6"RW"76f"W62vFFRv&Bvw2W&2W"fVFVW"W"vVBFFB&r'&VvV&vR7G&V&VV27F'FVB26&VW"B&6&FVvB6fVBWFR&2FV2W627Bv6&VBF7FrFƲ6rb2vFRW"F26VB&RW"6Ɩr6vBvfRBv&RfRFrF6R6544( 2UtU5B4rG&gGvBDvW2vW6'&V6BbrФW62FBF6W2&VBFVRࠥ6r66WCB7F'FVBvF6w2g&W626F2BFRf"g&VG2fW"FR7B#V'2V66r2W62&VB'F7V"FVRvF6w2g&F6R7B6F22vV2WrGVW2( fRFFVBffW&FR6W"fB7FfGw&VVג( BB7'V6W"2F&WFƖ2w&VV&&&V7VVB6FV2"f6rFW6W'B6BF63V6( 2w&6VB"FR&VFW>( &&W&BfFVvC7FrF26r2vVBRFW&RW62FffW&VBv2@657&r#2FBP2BB#Р