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ON THE MIC Earlier this year, CICK launc hed the Volunteer Hour, a weekly program where anyone can be the host. With the help of an experienced engineer, you come in to the station with your ideas—whether that’s an hour of ranting about politics or playing some of y our favourite tunes—and share them on the air . It can be anything, really, and so f ar, listeners tuning in ha ve had a diverse experience. In this issue of [sic] magazine, we asked participants to tell us wha they thought of the experience. t Laura Cook I am a Bod yTalk practitioner, working distantly from Smithers and I travel to clinics in Terrace, Prince George, Vancouver, and Toronto. I specialize in allerg ies and am passionate about incr easing my knowledge by openly communicating and sharing with other practitioner s and systems of healing. For my hour, I interviewed fellow BodyTalk practitioner and local Bulkley Valley veterinarian Dr. Kim Hunter. We chatted about what we have seen and why we love the work. We were lucky enough to have a caller and with Matt’s expertise we got her on the air. Nicole asked questions to Dr. Hunter and I did some distant tapping work on Katie (her dog). We have since received updates 3 [sic] spring 2013.indd 4 from the owner. Her dog was behaving quite differently, she had accepted and played with their adopted dog, and seemed to have “forgiven” her owners, and was up on the couch being more cuddly than ever before. Katie is listening better and seems to be much happier! Being on air was a great experience. I worried that I would not have enough to talk about but I ended up feeling I didn’t have enough time! I am dedicated to a cutting edge intuitive healing system and talking about my work on air is exciting. The opportunity is a gift from the members of CICK. Christine Añonuevo I did tw o volunteer hours on CICK. The first was by myself, where I shared some musical discoveries of 2012. Glen made me feel super comfortable in the studio and listened to my playlist and then introduced me to some new artists he thought I would like. He also took care of all the technical stuff. Some friends called the studio when I was on air—it was great that they could listen real-time and give me feedbac k. My sister in Rossland streamed the show online and also gave feedback via Facebook. The wonders of social media, eh? The second hour I did w as with a friend and 13-04-04 1:28 PM