[sic] magazine - spring 2013 spring 2013 - Page 23

for sale You might have noticed a few folks wandering around town sporting hip new CICK merch.Yes, indeed, we have swag for you. We added a b unch of items to our s wag-pile recently, including tuques, t-shirts, stickers, magnets, and buttons, all featuring the CICK monster mascot and a skookum graphic that features our current digs, the CN Train at Central Park. It’s all available now for purchase. So are CICK memberships, a great way to support your local station. For more info and images, check out the swag tab on our website, smithersradio.com, call us a t 250-8478769, or send an email to info@smithersradio.com. monster mutation Like a beast unearthed final thoughts from CICK’s (new) chief regular listeners, and contr ibutors, to the station. The 2nd Annual CICK Royale fundraiser in March was a great success, and helped raise need ed funds for the sta tion to continue to incr ease its pr esence in the Bulkle y Valley and beyond. These events would not occur without the dedication and hard work of all of the CICK v olunteers, and our two part-time paid staff (Glen and Matt). So, now that you have enjoyed reading this latest edition of [sic], think about all the hard work that goes into running a community radio station and putting out this magazine. Go tune y our radio to 93.9 FM, and let the CICK monster inside your brain. The cool thing is, from the outside, no one will be able to tell you have been “infected”! — KenWhite, President 22 after being b uried under the ice for millions of years, the