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In 1986, an annual exhibition called Images du futur debuted in Montr eal. An artistic interpretation of science and technology, the exhibition explored futuristic ideas that its creator, Hervé Fischer suggested would become obsolete within a few years.The concept was to blend an historic preservation of science and technology with a futur istic examination of the world we live(d) in. About a month ago, partly in tribute to this piece of art history, Montreal rock outfit, Suuns (pronounced soons) released an album—their second—bearing the same name. “It’s an idea w e were playing around with on this alb um,” says drummer Liam O’Neill. “We’re a guitar rock band in an era that that’s becoming more and more rare, and we’re trying to ha ve a fr esh sound in that instrumentation, in tha t kind of setup.” He pauses. “It can be challenging.” Suuns have risen to the challenge admirably, subtly blending live instrumentation and r ock ethics with electronics and samples.The new album builds on the success of their well-received 2010 debut, Zeroes QC, but it’s not a repeat of the first record. “With the fir st one, we didn’t even really want to mak e a r ecord,” laughs O’Neill. “We just w anted to r ecord the songs we’d been working on, you know, just for ourselves. We had no ambition a t all with that album.” With Images du futur, however, they knew that people w ould be listening and the y needed to focus their sound. “This time we were a little more selective with our ideas and we had more of a mind to making an album that had an arc and a vibe.” Suuns approach to the r ock genre is unconventional. They incorporate elements from a lot of different styles but still somehow remain distinctly them. “It is eclectic that way,” says O’Neill. “I think tha t comes fr om us the future i Suuns Picks [sic]: If you had to pick a book to accompany this record, what would it be? LO [sic] spring 2013.indd 18 13-04-04 1:29 PM