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REVIEWS high of Suuns’s Zeroes QC album? Not me, I prefer a little substance to my candy, and Images du Futur has plenty. – Glen Ingram Suuns | Images du Futur Secret City If albums were candy, some would be the instant s weet satisfaction of a Malt Ball, while other s would offer pleasure in a mor e substantial way—like a Snickers Bar. With Images du Futur, the latest offering from Montreal’s Suuns, the complexity and layers put one in mind of a compar ison to Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstopper. With every listen, you experience something different, hear something you didn’t catch the last time. Images du Futur features ten artfully crafted songs that may not be as accessible as the tunes on their Zeroes QC release (CICK’s favorite in 2010) but there is so much creativeness on display that you don’t miss the simple dance tracks of Zeroes. The distorted halfwhisper of Ben Shemie’s voice give songs lik e Powers of Ten and Bambi an ominous, dark feel while the guitar workings of Joe Yarmush meander within the beats provided by Liam O’Neill. Do I miss the quick sugar 13 [sic] spring 2013.indd 14 Phosphorescent | Muchacho Dead Oceans The opening moments of Phosphorescent’s Muchacho are strangely angelic. A rising and falling arpeggiated synth line bubbles up r epeatedly. Then, about twenty or so la yers of Matthew Houck’s distinctive voice gently float in, a bizarre self-repeating chorale ensemble. The tune is called Sun,Arise! (An Invocation, An Introduction) and it is very, very beautiful. This first track sets the stage for an extraordinar y album from an extraordinary musician, who almost hung up his boots after the last album. We should all be thankful he didn’ t. Muchacho has a bit of e verything, from bouncy ballads to soulful laments, and it’ s all pulled off with edge and style. This is an album best enjoyed at sunset, while wearing a battered cowboy hat and a pair of cheap Mexican fli p-flops. – Matt J. Simmons Bison BC | Lovelessness Metal Blade If you’re like me and think tha t every song less than four minutes doesn’t really fit into the r ock genre, and tha t all good metal tunes should have tempo changes, then Bison B .C. is the band for you. Hailing from Vancouver, this band’s fourth full-length release Lovelessness is y et another fine example of screaming twin guitars, vocals that growl, howl, and haunt, and a rh ythm section that pounds the dust off the rafters. Not k eeping with your average arrangements, Bison B.C. melds par t after par t into a symphonic metal jour ney that makes you thirst for mor e, yet collapse when the song ends. If you get a chance, check out their highl y recommended live show, but until then pick up the record, put on a black hoodie, do some nec k stretches, and ROCK OUT! – Dave McTavish 13-04-04 1:29 PM