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Kombucha market is dominated by key manufacturers and very few new players are entering in Kombucha market due to high investment cost required . Key players are focusing on research and development activities to expand their product portfolio .
Market Forecast
Globally the Kombucha Market is mainly driven by increasing awareness about health benefits of kombucha drink as it contains beneficial minerals , enzymes and vitamins . Rising demand for natural and healthy functional food and beverages in developed countries is influencing the market growth . Governments in developed countries are promoting kombucha as a healthy drink and are helping manufacturers with regulations which are supporting the market growth . Growing popularity of kombucha among diabetic patients is also driving the sales of kombucha .
These factors will play a key role in the growth of kombucha market at the CAGR of 15 % from 2016 to 2022 .
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In many Regions Kombucha is considered as a healthy tonic as it contains various Healthy Nutrition . Kombucha is a rich source of probiotics as large number of probiotics bacteria is produced during fermentation . These probiotics are useful in improving digestion , inflammation and weight loss . Consumers are switching to green tea with kombucha as it contains powerful anti-oxidants such as polyphenols . Due to anti-bacterial properties of kombucha , it is used to prevent infection causing bacteria in the body . Many health conscious people consumes kombucha as it reduces blood sugar level and also helps in preventing cancer causing cells in body .
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