SHOUT4HE Third Newsletter - September 2019

SHOUT4HE THIRD NEWSLETTER Issue 3 SHOUT4HE Third Newsletter September 2019 ‘SHARING OPEN EDUCATIONAL PRACTICES USING TECHNOLOGY FOR HIGHER EDUCATION’ (SHOUT4HE). SHOUT4HE Recognition Framework: Introduction Within the SHOUT4HE Research Project there are three different Intellectual Outputs that all result in various aims and outcomes of the project. Intellectual Output One (IO1) is the development of a Recognition Framework that will provide Higher Education lecturers and teachers with the opportunity to conduct an ‘extensive phase of exploration and reflection’. This is in relation to their Educational Practice and Digital Confidence. empowerment within their own learning. Digital Confidence assesses how HE teachers incorporate technology into their teaching and learning, and how effectively it is utilized. The use of the term ‘confidence’ is to ensure that less judgement is placed on lecturers who currently have low confidence in relation to digital technologies in their pedagogy. Stages Dimensions The Framework also consists of 3 key stages where HE lecturers, teachers and educators should be reflecting on their own practice. These 3 stages are: Discover and Discuss; Design and Deploy; Demonstrate and Disseminate. The Framework provides its user with two key dimensions that should be at the forefront of exploration and reflection for the HE lecturer or teacher. These dimensions are labelled ‘Educational Practice’ and ‘Digital Confidence’. Educational Practice focuses on the learning experience that is being offered to the students by the teacher with the aim of giving them greater responsibility and Within each of the stages and overarching sections of the framework, descriptors have been developed to allow lecturers and teachers to easily locate where they currently sit. The descriptors use accessible and consistent language across all sections, using terminology such as: ‘I am aware’; ‘I am confident and empowered’ and ‘I evaluate and disseminate’. This should result in a simpler process of reflection. Structure and Development IN THIS ISSUE Framework introduction This latest edition of the SHOUT4HE Newsletter focuses on the recently finalized Recognition Framework. An introduction to the framework and an overview of its structures will be provided. Framework Overview and Structure The structure of the framework and a breakdown of the contents will then be provided. Specific attention will be given to the 2 dimensions and 3 stages of the Recognition Process. The Recognition Framework (IO1) The full framework will be provided within the newsletter. This will include all stages and descriptors.