SHOUT4HE - Sixth Newsletter - January 2021 - Page 2


Université Côte d ' Azur : Meeting and Multiplier Event

Transnational Meeting

Due to the ongoing pandemic , our fourth transnational meeting was held virtually via Zoom . The series of meetings , stretching across two days , provided space for discussion , collaboration , and progress to be made across all outputs of the project . This has resulted in the development of more Pedagogical Practice Videos , the launch of our SHOUT4HE E-Platform and three eBooks that will be made available later this calendar year . Despite the challenging circumstances , all partners of the project have continued to make effective contributions to ensure that the research can still achieve the initial outputs of the project .
Another impact of the recent COVID-19 outbreak is the moving of our third multiplier event , resulting in a virtual event hosted by Université Côte d ' Azur via Zoom . The event consisted of the following foci :
• test our framework for situating your own teaching practice
• see examples of teaching practice in a range of European contexts
• discuss your own experience of technology-mediated teaching and learning
Despite the ongoing pandemic , the multiplier event was a great success with over 50 people attending the Zoom multiplier event . This has helped to inform the future decisions of the project , as well as allowing us to test previously finalized sections of the research . One of the key examples of this is the launch of our E-Platform which is discussed in the next section of the newsletter .

Multiplier Event