SHOUT4HE - Eighth Newsletter - Page 3


SHOUT4HE : E-Resources Update

Since the most recent virtual transnational meeting , the SHOUT4HE E- Resources have been discussed and developed . This is where the team will provide advice , theory and insights into key areas of technological innovation within the HE sector , featuring video examples provided by the project CHETs

and PHETs .


Overall , the series of e-books will consist of three different topics . The first of these is ‘ Shout Out ’ where a variety of best open practices with technology will be shared , which is available and previewed below . The second e-book is ‘ Your Shout ’, which will feature advice from HE teachers to other HE teachers on the topic of innovative open practice . Finally , the third e-book of the series will be titled ‘ Something to Shout About ’ with the focus being on sharing practices and how HE teachers can create communities of practice in order to support pedagogical innovation .

eBook One : ‘ Shout Out ’ A selection of best open practices with technology .

The first eBook of the project is now available to read in both ePub and PDF formats . The online resource gives a rationale and guide to the SHOUT4HE Recognition Framework . Key examples and advice from the videos of the project are also provided .
If you wish to read the first eBook then please do so using the following link : library . shout4he . eu / ebook / shout-out The other two eBooks of the project will be made available in the near future , with Dutch and French versions also being developed .
To view each of the Outputs of the project , or to browse other content , then please visit : library . shout4he . eu