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According to Knight Frank, at the end of November, five shopping centers with a total leasable area of 84.2 thousand sq. M. Were put into operation in Moscow: SC "Sayany", SC "Gravitation", SC "Smolensky passage", SC Prime Plaza and SC "Flotilla". Also, at the beginning of December, the largest in the line of regional shopping centers "Place of meeting" from ADG group was introduced - the shopping center "Sofia" with a total area of more than 65 thousand square meters, and in addition - the shopping center "Yantar".

“The pandemic has made its own adjustments to the plans, which were designated by developers at the beginning of the year; less leasable space was commissioned than the market expected. One of the reasons is the rise in construction costs. the cost of building materials and the payment of builders' working hours have increased, which has invariably led to an increase in costs and budget adjustments,” notes Yuri Usharov, Commercial Director of ADG Group.

SCRussia sums up the results of 2021, recalls the key discoveries and the most striking trends that will determine the life of retail real estate and retail, at least in 2022.

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The total area of shopping centers opened in 2021 in Russia will be the maximum over the past 5 years and will amount to 843 thousand square meters. m - predicted in CBRE. This is 10% more than it was in 2019, and 37% more than in 2020. At the same time, the regions are upset faster than the capital. Thus, in Moscow, the volume of GLA space put into operation increased by 5% compared to 2020, and in the regions - by 102%.

“The nature of the properties differs depending on the market. Large-scale projects prevail in the regions, while in Moscow the new offer is formed by modern formats with a smaller average area of the object,” notes Nadezhda Tsvetkova, director and head of the CBRE retail space lease department.