Shopping Centers Russia Декабрь 2022 - Page 70

There were no extra creative or large-scale advertising campaigns this year either, says Dmitry Kostomakhin, Head of Commercial Real Estate with CORE.XP. The tenants had other things to take care of, so they used standard posters and stickers with Black Friday, online banners with prices being cut and discounts.

Engaging tenants

Malls try to engage as many operators as possible. “We try to use all the sources and resources in all our large objects: one month in advance, we inform tenants about Black Friday, collect the information about their sales, prepare a special landing page where customers can see what’s on for this period,” says Oxana Fedulova.

“We try to get everybody involved as it is definitely a win-win cooperation. On average, 70-85% of our tenants participate depending on the region,” adds Tatiana Korsakova, Deputy General Manager on Marketing with TPS Real Estate.

“Black Friday has become a tradition. This is what our customers are looking forward to and our shopping centre must make sure we are not lost amidst all the other advertising of online market places and we have an opportunity to show similar promotions by focusing on one important advantage: you can get your purchases here and now without any waiting time of a delivery from an online shop,” summarizes Ekaterina Trushlyakova, Head of Retail Real Estate with PPF Real Estate Russia.

Friday’s growth

For shopping centres, especially located in the regions, the traffic did not really increase much. For instance, the shopping centre Piter in Cheboksary had a 17% increase in November compared to November in 2021, and the turnover went up by 7%.

“Not all tenants had Black Friday at the end of November. Some of them started offering discounts already at the beginning of the month. We did rather well in November. The situation is similar in other shopping centres in Chuvashia,” tells Tatiana Stepanova, Director of Piter Shopping Centre.

She adds that the advertising budget was increased after February 2022.

“We are working in VKontakte and advertising system of Yandex, which actually shows great results. Because of them we very quickly filled in all the vacant spaces,” adds Stepanova.

Olga Troshina, Regional Head of Marketing in Real Estate, Nikoliers, explains that the shopping centre Grozny mall decided to participate in the international sales while emphasizing their local region and weaving in the idea of 100th anniversary of the Chechen National State.

“As a part of Three days of sales, over 95% of the tenants in the shopping centre provided the customers with large discounts. Because of a massive advertising campaign of the Grozny Mall in the city and in the social media, the traffic for the mentioned days increased by 15%,” explains Troshina.