Shopping Centers Russia Декабрь 2022 - Page 69

As for Ozon, for the first three days of Black Friday, 200% more new customers logged in over the average number in November. Every second customer who purchased something during the 11.11 campaign came back for Black Friday. Many people came back to buy goods in advance and 60% of the most popular goods were fmcg.

The number of orders on Ozon for the first three days of the campaign for the period of November 25-27 increased 230% over an average number in November.

Regional customers were more active this year too: 79% of all the orders made this Black Friday were made in the regions. Besides, corporate shoppers became also very active.

The top most popular goods is fmcg, which is 60% of all unit sales, that once again highlights the fact that now people buy basic goods during sales. The most growing categories are car goods, sport goods, clothes, food and home improvement goods.

According to the analysts of UKassa (a service to accept payments from UMoney), Black Friday this year saw an increase of online payments of 41%, and the turnover of 22% over the last year. At the same time, an average check decreased by 14% to 1050 rubles.

Jewelry was 81% more popular, while shop turnover increased by 51%, calculated UKassa. The sales for clothes and shoes went up by 37% and the relevant turnover by 43%. As for cosmetics, the numbers are 18% and 6% respectively.

Meanwhile, the sales of souvenirs, children’s toys, sport and tourism goods, furniture, interior design as well as education went down.