Shopping Centers Russia Декабрь 2022 - Page 68

The key aim of the campaign, according to Aleksey, is the consolidation of the tenants, which means combining their individual efforts to promote it in the social media, engage the shoppers in the promotions and enhance the efforts in the malls’ app. “We are sure this engagement becomes the basis for the increased traffic and turnover,” he explains.

Some retailers started their Black Friday early. As early as November 1. M.Video and Eldorado, for example, broke the sales into three stages during which the discounts went up to 50%.

“The demand this year was going up, and at the final stage of the sales, November 21 to 28, the shoppers were much more enthusiastic than at the beginning and 20% more active than compared to an average sale of September – October. The sales increase for discounted goods was 250% while an average discount was 29%,” explain the press service of M.Video and Eldorado.

For branded goods, the most desirable were household electronics, TVs, and smartphones, followed by gaming equipment, smart speakers, hairstyle appliances, vertical vacuum cleaners and vacuum bots, added M.Video and Eldorado.

As for Askon, the growth at the end of Black Friday was 20% compared to the numbers of last year or about 400 million rubles.

“Our leaders this year are matrasses, beds, sofas, pillows, matrass cases – in total 2.2 billion rubles just for the period of Black Friday 2022 (and 1.8 billion rubles in 2021),” explain the press service of Askon.

Ulybka Radugi chain did the same Black Friday as last year. “We offered 40% off on one thousand of goods in different categories. In 2021 the average increase was 14% per a check during the sales compared to normal sales, while it was 40% this year. So Black Friday 2022 was much more popular,” says the Executive Director of Ulybka Radugi Aleksey Baulin.

“Last year, sales grew 2.7 times in the online shop of Ulybka Radugi and 3 times in the application,” adds Baulin. “This year our internet platform was even more in demand: the sales went up 300%, while the application saw a 350% increase. This is a great result, especially since there are so many other retailers and online market places offering discounts to the customers.”

“This year our customers used Black Friday to shop in advance while saving some money. We can see that people are buying a lot of relatively cheap discounted goods, while before they used to buy something more expensive. The most popular categories this year were spa treatments, premium skin care cosmetics, as well as hair removal goods for men and women,” adds Baulin.

Pozitionika chain had a two-way Black Friday: from November 25 to December 5 in their online shops and with their partners – a franchisee project of local offline sales. During the period, customers could save up to 70% using a discount code, and were granted a unique discount in the amount of 2000 rubles and 5000 rubles for large purchases.

During the sales, the company says their logs showed 74,8% new sessions in their online shops. The average check went by up 23.68% and totaled 24 600 rubles. Social media sales grew by 161%. The shoppers were mostly interested in notebooks, built-in appliances, monitors and TVs.