Shine Online July 2018 - Page 9

The star and heart stamps are a great place to

start if you want to make more decorative designs. Why not a message with your letter stamps and embellish around the words with cute stars?


Once you've got the hang of writing with your new alphabet and symbol stamps, you can make your designs stand out with the ImpressArt black antique enamel marker pen. Simply rub the pen over your stamped surface and leave for a few minutes before wiping off the excess with a paper towel. This leaves the acrylic ink inside the stamped symbols where

it will dry in place. Try using the pen to make different parts of your designs

stand out against more delicate textures and patterns you create.

Look out for more NEW ImpressArt stamps, tools and metal bases in the next few weeks at

Beads Direct!

This amazing tool is an essential for marking precisely with your 3mm

stamps. Simply place your chosen stamp in the jig and hold it firmly

while you hit it with the hammer. The jig helps you achieve a clear

impression and protects your fingers while you work!