Shine Online July 2018 - Page 4


There's so many new directions to take with the beautiful charms and cords that

have just arrived. Take a look at Katrina's holiday-ready necklace project on the

next page for more ideas on how you can use tassels, charms and crystals.

Floral prints and colourful festival tassels are trending again for Summer and we can't get enough of them! We're sewing tassels and pom poms onto everything from hats and hairbands to sandals and anklets. These pretty flower cords are just perfect for gluing into cord ends for a simple bracelet showcasing your favourite part of the print. Try wrapping the cord around your wrist 2 or 3 times and securing the ends together with a magnetic clasp for a cute wrap bracelet. You can also add slider beads and charms along the cord or sew on some beads to add more texture and colour.

Add a splash of colour

Make statement holiday jewellery with bright fabric materials such as tassels, cords, pom-poms and patterned ribbon!

1 metre of floral

cord for just