Shine Online July 2018 - Page 21

How to make

1 macrame knot

Follow the 5 diagrams to learn how to make a single macrame square knot. You should start each section by passing your thread to it's

To make your bracelets, you will need...

A bead board or similar work surface + optional glue

halfway point, under your verticle thread. This knot can then be repeated as many times as you like to cover the length of a bracelet or a few times to make the sliding knot for your bracelet clasp.

Single strand beaded bracelet

1. Start by cutting 2 threads measuring approx. 30cm each.

2. Take one thread and add as many seed beads as you want. We added approx. 30 beads, but you can add a few more to fill out the length of the bracelet. Knot either side of the beads to keep them in place in the middle.

3. Take the two ends of the bracelet and lay them side by side (as shown in the diagram to the right). Thread your other 30cm thread under where the arrow points and make approx. 5 knots over the crossed cords.

4. Make sure your knots aren't too tight, so that the inner cords can slide through to adjust the size of the bracelet for the wearer. To secure after the last knot, you can add a dab of glue to each of the 2 knotting cords (making sure the glue doesn't soak through to the inner threads) or you can make 2 overhand knots on top of your last macrame knot, pulling the second one tightly. Trim off the excess cord.

5. Finish your bracelet by threading a bead onto each end of thread

and knot a couple of times to keep the beads from falling off.

Double strand connector charm bracelet

1. Start by cutting 4 threads measuring approx. 30cm each.

2. Thread one cord through the hole on top of the pineapple

charm and the other thread through a hole on the other side.

Pull them through the charm to their halfway points.

3. Starting on one side of your pineapple, place the two sides of the same cord next to each other. Thread one of your spare 30cm cords under these, below the pineapple. Make a couple of inches of knots

and then secure the threads with glue or a tight knot and trim off the excess. Repeat this on the other side of your pineapple.

4. Finally, follow steps 3, 4 and 5 to make your sliding clasp with

4 inner threads inside the knots, instead of 2.