Shine Online July 2018 - Page 19

Tassel charms are a huge trend in jewellery and fashion this Summer and now you can add them to a whole host of designs! We've got a great range of tassels with different attachment

options. Take a simple

fabric loop tassel and

sew it onto


ribbon and

cord pieces, or

choose a tassel

with a jumpring to

add it to a charm bracelet,

or a pair of Summer earrings!

Embellish fabric, clothing

and accessories with Swarovski

flat back crystals and the Hotfix Applicator tool

These two fabulous

crystal bracelets use

Swarovski components

for a professional and

long lasting design. Click

on the images to find out

more about each project and

get everything you need to make the

finished piece in a handy kit, ready to make at home!