Shine Online July 2018 - Page 15

I made these pieces for a Preciosa competition, made using Preciosa drop beads and seed beads. Didn't win anything (didn't expect to with the other work entered) but it was very nice working with the beads. I made a leaf

and flower pendant and a simple

posy of flowers.

Mary Hughes

These are really cute Mary, I love the little pink and purple flowers on your pendant and the vase of beads will be great for Autumn!

Can't stop looking at this moonstone macrame necklace i finished last night sorry but so chuffed with myself! Learning new skills in progress - my 2nd attempt on this design, it looks so much better and neat than previous one. Used navy nylon cord, moonstone, sterling silver chain & clasp.

Kasia Rajca

Your necklace is really stunning Kasia! The intricate knots and patterns are amazing and your navy cord matches the moonstone beautifully.

One of the seed bead groups I belong to have monthly 'bead-alongs' where we all learn to make something we have not tried before. This is my Kaleidocycle as you can see, I put your 11/0 delicas to good use.

Sharon Brown Ne Baird

This is amazing Sharon! Your patterns and designs along the Kaleidocycle are really interesting, and I love how each pattern fits together as you turn it. Thank you for sharing this and your video of how it works on our group!