SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q4 2020 - Page 26

SHIFT SO: By the time I was 18, I was doing extremely well in business. I ran multiple online software companies and an online marketing agency. It was almost like nothing I could do, could go wrong. While the actions of what I did is a long story, the short-story of how I ended up losing all my money and going into nearly $1,000,000 in debt is simple. SO: I wish I wrote the way I do now about what was happening. If I’m being honest, I don’t remember a lot of what happened during this time. I was deeply depressing, trying to survive, and actually didn’t have the best mindset as that time. Instead, I pushed through and did my best each day to dig myself out of the reality that I created from ego based decisions. Nearly two years into this “doomsday” Believing an untrue story about who I period and I randomly won a young was (I had a lot of media attention innovator award based on my and I started to believe I was as great accomplishments from the past. I as people thought I was), my ego, my attended an event with a group of lack of focus and being emotionally other entrepreneurs and while attached to business. something shifted in me. I had a jolt of… “This won’t be my life anymore, I The combination, nearly killed me have to remember who I am and and is the reason why I’m so what I’m here to do”. passionate about helping Entrepreneurs the way I do today. Between 2013-2014, I created SHIFT: After you moved into the small another multi-million dollar business, apt, you had to take a MAJOR step that would eventually help me bring back to regroup and reinvent my expertise and knowledge online, yourself, what was your mindset at doing what I do today, online. that time? 26