SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q4 2020 - Page 21

JP: grew up needing to be able to read whether you are a consultant, a company the people in the room. That was for of 1, or a company of 1000 we all have a survival mostly, but it has definitely given process of operations- the way we do me the foundation to be able to ask the things in our business.  right question at the right time to get necessary insight. This process holds the blueprint of what software will serve YOU We’ve all experienced pain, and no one and YOUR COMPANY best.  It’s about pain is bigger than the other- they are quality checkpoints and process equally important and impactful to our outputs, then finding that software that lives.  meets those requirements and delivers results.  This is where empathy lives, I believe.  I can understand your darkest valley You’ll know you are getting the because I have walked mine alone, right technology and the most for the too and all I want to do is walk with you, money if you work with a consultant, like so you aren’t alone. It’s me, that will take the time to match you imperative. to the perfect software. You’ll in most cases, save a substantial amount SHIFT: of money you might otherwise have Lets get into your area of genius. You spent paying for a system that offers help companies as a software consultant more features than you’ll ever need, use, to help them get the IDEAL software or understand. pairing for their needs. What common mistakes do you see companies making? JP: They talk to software salespeople first, that’s the fastest way to disappointment.  The first step is like life, you have to look within. Jaclyn as a young Marine 21