SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q4 2020 - Page 20

Jaclyn Paxton is a Marine Corps Veteran and Entrepreneur. Her popular ANBRWY podcast spotlights the alignment entrepreneurs have with what they do in the world and who they are, it’s this alignment that accounts for their success. She is a talented software coordinator, six sigma green belt, and trainer.  She helps businesses operate at optimal levels by making their operations efficient leveraging business software to increase sales and operations. SHIFT: Jaclyn, thanks for the interview, how did you get started with The ANBRWY Podcast? JP: I was driving through the hills of west Texas, just me and my dog, to be with and take care of my Mom. As I was driving, watching the sun rise I was thinking of how some people live life completely. Not just balanced but get to be who they are in the world while doing what they want to do. I needed to find out how people get to and function within that type of alignment in life. So, I came back home and decided to ask the smartest guy I knew, Mike Murray. After the show launched, I was booked with 5 more interviews within a week and told that I had to keep doing this. SHIFT: Did you expect it to take off the way it did? J 20 P: I didn’t. I knew I was curious on how people became successful and how they didn’t lose themselves along the way. I didn’t realize how many others needed to hear it, too. What else became very apparent was that this was empowering others, not just to chase after money and dreams, but to really begin looking at what they truly wanted to be to this world.  I’ve gotten so many responses from listeners that the stories coming out of this podcast gives them the strength to keep movement in designing the life they want- not the one they’ve been told they should, or must, have. SHIFT: You have a VERY unique style of interviewing people. Have you always had an empathetic gift?