SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q4 2020 - Page 14

SHIFT Griselda founded Latina Boss Coach specifically to support high achieving women with a holistic approach by combining life, career and business coaching. It's her mission to help other women who are feeling stuck, lacking, unfulfilled, motivation-less, and plateaued. Through her MAP Strategy (Mindset to Action Plan), Griselda empowers women by helping them figure out what freedom and happiness really look like for them. After that, she helps them create a strategic action plan that enables them to make it happen. What made you decide to help empower women in shelters? I wanted to help them build a life strategy for life after the shelter. I wanted them to know that their today- this rock-bottom that they were at, doesn’t define them. Nobody gets to define them. Only you get to define yourself. You get to decide who you are and you get to decide what your future will be. Imposter syndrome is VERY COMMON among high achievers and successful people. How can we overcome it? There would be times where I’d show up, and literally be in the parking lot and think to myself “I have nothing to offer these women. Who am I? I don’t think I can do this. You just 1) show up, and 2) start...keep moving one step at a time until you deliver and 3) get a coach or accountability partner. Sometimes you may make mistakes or life throws you the unexpected, but the important thing is to keep showing up and keep taking steps forward...this is where coaching can make a huge difference and accelerate your results- it has for me and it does for my clients. Book a Call TODAY @ What are some of the big issues you work to conquer with your clients? Inevitably, when you’re dealing with the roadblocks of your business and it’s you and this is your baby, you’re also dealing with the roadblocks of your own self. Your own limiting beliefs, your own imposter syndrome. All these that I dealt with as an executive. Self-care, learning to say no to some opportunities, learning to look for the hell yes opportunities. All these apply to business and all areas of our life.That’s where Latina Boss Coach was born.People come to me for one or both reasons: 1) they feel stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled despite their successful career Or 2) because of my corporate and marketing background-they either want to A) start or expand a business and don’t know where or how to start. What would you say to the women reading this right now who can identify with your story? Mira Chica, we repeat what we don't repair. If you're ready to start living again, find joy and feel alive, it's time to decide to do something different. Make a change. Take action. I'll be waiting for you on the other side to help you strategize and navigate this journey with you to live your best life now, authentically aligned for abundance. 14