SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q4 2020 - Page 10

o vi ew SHIFT "The 8-Minute Mastermind" Chances are, you’ve heard of the wildly successful peer-to- peer mentoring concept of the Mastermind, where groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and support. click to buy Mastermind veteran Brad Hart’s new book, The 8-Minute Mastermind, provides a clear game plan and crucial best practices for starting your own mastermind, no matter who you are and where you're at. “What if you couldn’t fail? Because I’m suggesting you can’t,” Hart reassures, “not with a great mastermind behind you.”  The 8-Minute Mastermind is structured like a to-do list, which we love. Each chapter represents one integral chunk of starting a Mastermind, which Brad further breaks down with bite-sized steps, tips, and helpful information. The plan is so cut- and-dry that it’s nearly impossible to fail at achieving everything this book promises. From establishing your mastermind’s specific goals and identity, all the way to finally scaling your mastermind’s impact once it’s become a hit, Brad almost literally holds your hand every step of the way. We recommend this book for readers at nearly every stage in their entrepreneurial journey. Anyone who wants to "travle anywhere for free, solve any problem, and add $100k to their business in 5-10 hours a month" should absolutely pick this up. About the Author Brad Hart is a 20-year entrepreneur committed to helping entrepreneurs and investors reach their full potential, so they can focus on solving the challenges of our time. As the founder of the Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB) speaking/training team and Build A Mastermind (BAM), Brad has also been part of 27 masterminds and started 8 himself. Brad grew up in New York and now lives in San Diego, California. 10