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If I encounter any unwelcome thoughts , I address them immediately so not to carry them forward . I then turn on the music to energize my soul and begin my morning routine which consists of getting myself and children ready to go for the day . Eating a healthy breakfast is a must as it is the fuel that drives me forward .
Your energy is one of the most important factors to creating a successful business and life . When you are fully energized , you are able to perform at an optimal level . Understanding how to clear , cultivate and properly consume energy , not only in the morning but as you progress throughout your day , sets you up to have mental clarity and remain inspired to do your best work and live your best life .
SHIFT : What hopes do you have for your children ?
My hope for my children is that they continue to grow up curious and confident . I hope that they explore all inspired thoughts within their minds and pursue their greatest desires with gusto . I hope that when they encounter a challenge along their way , they will have the tools they need within them to face the challenge and overcome it with grace . My greatest hope is that they build a life filled with passion , love , happiness , fulfillment and the personal and professional success that they deeply desire .
SHIFT : What was your greatest business moment ?
I have been blessed with so many incredible business moments - I feel that every day that I am granted the opportunity to work with clients from all around the world is a great business moment . Watching clients go from struggling to understand their purpose or what they are supposed to be doing in the world to then generating $ 50-100K in revenue / month in
business is an extraordinary thing to witness . My greatest business moment can be summarized by the transformation that takes place within each and every client that I work with . The important milestones and greatest business moments that I achieve today have nothing to do with me and everything to do with those who trust me to walk with them as they become their best self on their journey .
SHIFT : Can you share a few rituals to be powerful ?
I believe that rituals are very personal and should be personally developed to serve your own soul . While I can provide you with the framework of a ritual to be powerful , it must be fully developed by you in order to be the most effective .
Ritual Number One : Develop a spiritual routine that consists of the following ( at minimum ): Meditation Prayer ( if called ) Journaling Grounding Energy cultivation
Ritual Number Two : Unpack your soul and understand who you are and why you are the way you are : Timeline work Setbacks ( what did you learn ) Review pivotal moments Accomplishments
Ritual Number Three :
Invest in yourself : Uncover your greatest areas of opportunity and incorporate weekly personal development into your routine .
SHIFT : What are some common misconceptions about spirituality ?
The greatest misconception is that spirituality is religion .
Spirituality is the understanding of who you are , why you are here and the relationship you have with yourself .
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