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"SHERP helps me learn about plants and the different stages. I love how we have so many different kinds of plants, and when Ms. Wertz tells us fun things about them. I’ve learned how to notice everything about a plant, and native plants and non-native plants and how they affect the environment around them.

I remember in the beginning of 3rd grade SHERP Ms. Wertz told us to pick a special spot somewhere on the trail. I went all around the trail with some of my friends, and then we stepped into the pine grove. Sun shone through the gaps in between the trees, and the whole place smelled fresh and just like pine trees. The three of us stood in amazement and awe and we knew that small grove was going to be our special spot.

I feel like everything is okay when I am on the SHERP trail. It makes me feel one with nature, and it brings out the best in me! I want other people to know how special it is and how wonderful it is."

Gracie C.

5th Grade

"I learned most of my knowledge about plants at the sherp trail. The sherp trail is awesome".

Lily K.

6th Grade

"SHERP is one of Falk’s most unique classes, and for good reason too. Few schools have an outdoor area at their school, much less a whole trail area to learn about wildlife such as birds and bugs, to identify trees, and to learn in a natural environment. SHERP is less of a learning experience, and more a real life experience where we learn about the world around us".

Elena H.

7th Grade

"I like how we can go on the SHERP trail because it’s so cool to be able to see the cool plants and learn about them. I rembr when I was in kindergarten we had trees we named, my group named our tree Rose for winter we put scarfs on Rose. Rose was a red Maple".

Anna M.

1st Grade

"I like roaming and learning about the sherp trail. It helped me learn about different plants that I didn’t know existed. What changed me was that there is so many people to explore with. I would like different people to know about sherp is that this doesn’t have to be the only sherp trail because we want nature to be healthy".

Cassidy S.

2nd Grade

What does SHERP Mean to You?