SHERP - Page 5

A Sense of Place

Sense of place also grows from identifying oneself in relation to a particular piece of land on the surface of planet Earth.

Each issue of FALK WOODS will be an opportunity to share with you students’ experiences with the natural world at Falk School via photos, artwork, poems, stories, knowledge, and understandings. We hope you find a greater understanding of SHERP, a stronger Sense of Place, and new inspiration to get outside and BE with nature.

We dedicate this first issue to the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania & their staff at Beechwood Farms for it was our initial collaboration with this expert organization that made our SHERP green spaces happen.

Enjoy! Thank you.

- Lori Wertz

SHERP Teacher

& Steward

- Jeff Suzik


I think that the Budburst Project is very good because it is letting us experience the true life of plants. It is letting us visualize trees and plants as if they were real and alive as a creature.

- Alexis H.

5th Grade