She Is... She Is...May | Page 19

For she is a work of art... Skin of obsidian.. Richer than any diamond or gold  ever found.. This was her purest form.. She was raw and uncut that why she was beloved and adorned... Many tried to copy... Many tried to be like her... They wanted her ebony cover.. She has been abused in the most exciting and excruciating way Yet, She stood every day She was magnificent... a real work of art.. She was more than just a black woman... With a golden heart... She was perfection .. She believed everyone had good in them And she believed everything would be okay She believed she would be happy....or that she was happy.. But sometimes... Sometimes she doubted everything She doubted life... She doubted people... She doubted her own existence... She gave her all to this world, just for it backlash She prayed for others, just for them to make it...even her enemies She saw beauty in all objects.. She observed such beautiful broken souls, and beautiful minds She used to be one those broken souls... Broken but she had hope Hope for one day to be better... She was real.... she was stunning Unfiltered and would have you in awe.. Finer and stronger than any Amazonian woman.. She was magical because.... For she was a work of art... An amazing piece that God put together.. There's no one like her and that's even better. Ladies & Gentlemen She is Me!