Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue # 7: 2nd Quarter, 2018 - Page 8

After all, your parents provided you with your benchmarks.... Do you wish to emulate your father and the way he was involved in your life as a child? Or do you aspire for something else? Perhaps your mother was too Yang and you need to pull back towards the Yin. There are countless variations here! How nurturing is your nurturing? Are you a Smother Mother (way over on the Left of Yin) or are you a “Get them out of the Nest ASAP” Mother (Quite Yang). What is the balance point for you? Also, do consider what is the balance point for your Inner Child? Are they balanced or excessively Yin or Yang in their attitude? Do they have what you need? Or are they reflecting what you need to adjust? Look often at your can apply this for anything and everything! For example:  Work/Life Balance. Which is more Yang? Which is more Yin? How balanced are they?  Love/Hate?  Your Body (This is the bar of the teeter-totter. What are your Yin/Yang Aspects?)  Your Spiritual relationship(s)  Your Lifestyle  Your Shadow Self  Sensuality/Sex  Your political orientation And remember this: Everything can have a Yin and a Yang side to it. 8