Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue # 7: 2nd Quarter, 2018 - Page 7

If one side of your scale is resting on the ground, you have far too much of that kind of energy on that side. The side that is up in the air...imagine a little version of you kicking your feet trying to get the “Big Kid” on the other end to lighten the load! Always ask, “What will it take to bring (X) into balance?” Do you need to remove a bit of Yang or a bit of Yin? Do you need to add more to the polarity? Or perhaps, the fulcrum point needs to shift? What action (or non-action) will bring Balance? Look, for example, at how you honor yourself. When Balanced: you will be open to your heart and your intuitive gifts (Yin) while BEing fully present in everyday Life. You are grounded and understanding and yet fully in charge of your Life. You make it a point to listen to and to follow, the Voice of your Soul. Excessively Yin: You are too deeply ensconced in your may rely fully on your intuition which keeps you out of touch with the external world. You wish to retreat inward and go deep within where you can not be touched. Excessively Yang: You may focus only on concepts, rules, thoughts and keeping busy. You can not begin to fathom the principles we are talking of. You are cut off from your emotions. Instead, you are driven by logic and facts. The Scientific Principle in engraved behind your eyes. So where is your scale? How is your Balance? Now, look at yourself as a parent; a parent to either children, pets or your own Inner Child(ren). Typically, the Yin side would be nurturing (maternal) a nd the Yang side would be...this one is up to you! 7