Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue # 7: 2nd Quarter, 2018 - Page 3

Editorial Shamanism is a far reaching Way of BEing and Way of Living. It brings many gifts to the Practitioner. However, it important to realize that it is not so much about “Me” rather the Practice is actually intended for the “Good of All.” One of the most fundamental aspects of these teachings is about Balance. As Shamanic Practitioners, we need to bring balance into our own selves. From there, it expands outward: to our near and Dear Ones, to our Tribe, our Village, our outside world, to the World as a whole and beyond. In this Way, we generate the ripples in a very far reaching pond. So, what exactly is balance? Come join us this issue as we look at this through the Eyes of the Heart. 3