Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue # 7: 2nd Quarter, 2018 - Page 25

Standing Deer learns to Walk By Paul Hinsberger When Standing Deer was in his tenth year, he went out with his teacher to find some herbs. They walked for quite a while and then his his teacher commented—yet again—about Standing Deer failing to match his namesake when it came to the noise he made while walking. “You must work on your wal king Standing are anything but silent. You walk with the Spirit of a Stomping Bear...just look at what you have done to the leaves and twigs that line the path...look at your footprints!” Standing Deer turned and looked. And as his teacher had stated, there was indeed a very clear and defined path that he had created where there previously was none. “I'm sorry Grey Fox.” “Come, it is time for you to learn to walk!” Now, Standing Deer had been walking for many years. He tried to push down the hurt, but his Teacher saw it. “I know you know how to walk. But it is time that you learn how to walk!” Confused, Standing Deer cocked his head. Grey Fox let out a little chuckle and patted his student on the shoulder, “Come with me.” And so, Grey Fox lead Standing Deer to the open trail that was nearby and they walked North for a while. 25