Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue # 7: 2nd Quarter, 2018 | Page 21

Red Road Diary By Paul Hinsberger The Red Road is derived from Native American belief system. It is, essentially, about living a Good Life. It is about honoring Great Spirit/Creator and honoring all of Life, Nature...and all of Our Relations. It is a Sacred and Divinely Personal Path. It requires living ones Life with Awareness and Respect. I honor this. I also consider the word “Red” to reflect the blood that has been shed over the centuries; I consider the Red of the Earth, blending the flow of Life that runs through the Earth Mother, and of the Iron Ore that adds the tint of Blood to the Land and in rocks and stones. I consider the Red to reflect the Blood that flows through our bodies, traveling millions of miles a lifetime through the River of Our Lives, sustaining us. This Red is the Proof of Life. The Red Road is therefore, deeply personal. It is about you and your connection to Great Spirit. Great Spirit may be, for you The Creator, Grandfather, Source, God/Goddess, The Earth Mother...or any deity. It may also be your own self. As the Red Road belongs It is yours and yours alone. You may stray from the Red Road. Or you may walk it, flirting with the edges or you may keep in the Middle of the Road. It is your road, your Journey. 21