Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue # 7: 2nd Quarter, 2018 | Page 10

Food for Thought Balance. Such an interesting word... We balance our check books.... Mother's caution: “Watch your step so you don't loose your balance....” Advisors tell us: “Your Life is out of Balance....” So, just how balanced are you? Here's some Food for Thought... Are you mostly...  Late—On Time—Early?  Slow—You Move—Speedy  Love from the Heart—I listen to my Heart and keep my mind in it too—Love from my Loins  Caring—I can't take care of everything—Hey, what about me?  Silence—I know when to talk and listen—I love talking about me!!! Are you listening?  I feel, therefore I am—I am—I believe in the mind and reason.  I get lost in my dreams—I dream and I do something about them—Wow, wish I knew her/him!  I get lost in books—I read all kinds of books—Have you read “How to have 20 girls...”  Ambiguity—Metaphorical—Highest Accuracy I'm sure you can come up with many of your own...should you have be balanced enough to do so :) 10