Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue #5: September, 2017 - Page 7

From biblical prophets who walked alone into the desert to fast and pray for divine revelation to tribal people setting out into the wilderness to search for a vision, the pursuit of an inner world—a world beyond everyday physical reality—is one of humankind’s oldest quests. For thousands of years, the primary task in life within many indigenous cultures, was about developing a relationship of appreciation, gratitude, and respect with this Unknown. Creating, nurturing and sustaining this relationship led to a sense of belonging and understanding how one was a part of the universe and brought the strong sense of having a home. This resulted in deep feelings of peace, and a feeling of wonder, purpose and a connection with all parts of creation. The importance of these practices are just as important and valid in our would today. Going on a Quest is a powerful way to reinvent yourself and reclaim a sense of wonder and connection to the earth, above and also within.