Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue #5: September, 2017 - Page 4

A New Vision, A New Story Paul Hinsberger As humans, we have a very special gift—the gift of Free Will. This gift allows us to “chart the course of our lives.” It is driven—fully—by the Ego-Mind and it can certainly take us to some interesting places. It can also do a wonderful job of mucking things up for us! When we apply Free Will in a Good Way, we have an opportunity to write a New Story for our Lives. We can make the choices that can take us into a New Vision, a New Story, a New Life. How do you envision your Life—the Life that is beyond that which you currently work your way through? (Such an interesting Question and choice of words! Is your Life work or is it a joy filled dance?) What would like to have happen? What do you seek? Who are you? When was the last time that you could step into the Stillness, into the Quiet Place within the Center of your Heart? And once there, when did you last commune with your Soul? Let's do this now, in a Guided Meditation. <><><>