Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue #5: September, 2017 - Page 27

“Because I know it is so.” The Elders dismissed him and they spoke on this for many days. They knew of Standing Deer and of the strength of his Dreams and Visions, however he was only in his 9th year and with the lives of so many people involved.... The Seasons changed and the tribes migration was set. The Elders decided to follow the course that they always had. Standing Deer helped his parents and they packed up the family things. And as a member of the Tribe, he followed his people; they walked towards the South, away from what he had dreamed. He woke the first night in the late, black hours. He stepped from the family teepee and looked out at the South. The Wind carried the feint message for him. He sniffed the air. “Fire!” The tribe awoke with Standing Deer's cry. And though the fire was a distance from them, the night sky began to turn orange and the wind warned them with the scent of the burning grass that it carried over the open land. The people quickly gathered their things and turned and began walking back towards the North, from where they had begun.