Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue #5: September, 2017 - Page 20

Find out what you can do to clear the path (perhaps it is something mental, emotional, physical or spiritual). Then dedicate every day of your life—even if it is for a few minutes everyday—to clear the path. Regardless how tired or deprived or disaster struck or busy your life is... no matter will take time everyday—in whichever way you feel is important—to work your way towards it. So you need to put yourself out there; stand with arms open in the middle of the storm and be ready and open to what ever comes! What does that do? It feeds your intention. It keeps the ENERGY of your DREAM alive! It gives a signal, a shout-out to the universe: “I Am Ready, Willing, Committed and Determined to do my part!” And then what happens? The universe comes rushing in with her support and help and the energy starts flowing... When the energy starts flowing, it motivates us further to keep going and to keep feeding our intentions. And then it becomes a partnership. A partnership with Life; a partnership with your intentions, your dreams, goals; a partnership with Spirit, the Divine, the Universe and with Great Spirit! Then life is not a Drag. Life is now a flow, an effortless flow. However, Life will not do otherwise unless and until you do YOUR part. So Flow! FEED YOUR INTENTIONS & DREAMS!