Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue #5: September, 2017 - Page 13

The night vigil has a long and honored place in spiritual practices. You spend the night— awake—in a prayerful attitude in a chapel, sanctuary, graveyard, or at home. Even if the mind cannot stay focused on prayer all night, the physical act of keeping watch through the midnight hours is spiritually worthwhile. As Shamanic Practitioners, we can undertake a night vigil at home or in a place outdoors we consider a sacred site. Spending a night awake, praying or drumming in a power spot, is an ideal way to bless the site and make it your own. As an option, you may fast the day before a vigil—consuming only liquids—until you break your fast the next morning, following the Vigil. Arrive at the site sometime before sunset, preferably early in the day to take full advantage of your time there. Collect firewood if you intend to have a fire, although you might not want to tend the fire during the Vigil, preferring instead to free your spirit and give 100% of your attention for your night watch. However, you may find the company of Fire Spirits comforting and instructive and this gives you an opportunity to build or further strengthen your relationship with them. Make a commitment to stay awake from Sunset to Sunrise. However, if you should fall asleep, do not criticize yourself or consider the vigil a failure.