Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue #4 June 1st, 2017 - Page 7

The Secret of Life By Paul Hinsberger About 40 years ago, this simple realization came to me: “The Secret to Life is...Simplicity!” When we look at Life with the innocence of a Child, when we Live with Wonderment and Curiosity and with Love and Joy in our Hearts, our life becomes something very different. Very different, indeed! Our everyday world challenges our desire to live this Way. We live in a world that favors fiscal and career advancement, consumerism, keeping up appearances and places us in competition with our parents, siblings, neighbors and friends, creating rivalry and pettiness. There is great pressure from the Outside World to conform with social expectations, so much so that the Inner World is ignored and its voice silenced. The Simplicity of Life is pushed way down on the to-do list or it is blatantly denied, leading us further away from Freedom of Spirit. When was the last time you asked your Soul; “What would you like to do?” And then, having done so, when was the last time you listened and acted as your Soul desired? If you step back and look at the request of your Soul, what it may desire could, perhaps, be far away from where you are now in your Life. If so, don't worry about the “How to get there?” Instead, look at where it will take you. Most likely, it will take you somewhere that brings more simplicity and hence freedom. It may be a challenging road to get there and it may take years to do so, however it is so very much worth it! Shamanic Vision 2 nd Qtr 2017 7