Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue #4 June 1st, 2017 - Page 28

Standing Deer walked through the nearby grove of aspens in the early spring, at the time when the young leaves were still curled up and the wind spoke of the approach of brighter days. On this particular day, he came to the Grandfather Tree, the most ancient one in the center of the woods. He reached out with his right hand, whispering a simple greeting, a simple prayer as he was taught by his Teacher. “Speak your own words, not mine,” Grey Fox taught. Now, in the solitude of the Aspen Grove, Standing Deer called upon his heart and allowed his words to flow like water over smooth stones... “I honor you Grandfather Aspen for your beauty and the gift of your children here. I have need of you Medicine...may I take that which I need?” In response, the soft wind rose from the North, touching Standing Deer's cheek. He nodded in appreciation and understanding. Standing Deer walked over to a smaller aspen, a prodigy of The Grandfather Tree. He needed some of the bark—a request by his teacher—to make medicine. Unshielding his work knife, Standing Deer sought permission from the tree and thanked it; he began to remove a portion of the bark. It was then that Raven appeared... Shamanic Vision 2 nd Qtr 2017 28