Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue #4 June 1st, 2017 - Page 24

After the journey I searched the internet to verify, and yes, it is true. From the internet: 'Tibet is a geological wonderland and Mt Kailash adds to the magic and mystery of Tibet. It is said Mt. Kailash is a volcanic plug on a massive granite base which rises to 6,714 metres completely on its own away from the main Himalaya mountain range to the south'.' It also has unusual, volcanic soil'. <><><> Malisha Mahendra from Delhi Its the Mother, literally blowing her top. It looks like venting, angry expulsion of emotions buried deep through the open sores .. But after spending some time sitting in a red and black landscape I realized its about claiming your power by releasing and exposing your deepest feelings.. Divine Feminine. Shamanic Vision 2 nd Qtr 2017 24