Shamanic Vision: Living Life through the Eyes of the Heart Issue #4 June 1st, 2017 - Page 15

Anjni then wrote.... In a dark room, lit with the pure glow of a candle, the scent of beautiful incense floats in the room. The beats of drums play...the body emerges from a sitting position, slowly rising to the sound of the music. It's starts to sway every so gently. Shy and conscious that the shadow is watching, I'm watching as the Limitations of the mind come to the forefront. Slowly, the body falls into the rhythm of the music. Swaying, feet lifting off the earth and gently touching the earth again; hands play with the wind. The body becomes one with the music. The mind realizes the music is taking over. Thoughts are silenced; the beats start to pulsate in every cell of the being. The breath becoming simultaneous. The body radiating heat. Sweat pouring through the pores. Start to dance faster, eyes close; the flame of the candle seen within, allowing me to go inwards. Music, body, mind and soul merge into one. Everything has become the DANCE. All is one. There is no other. All limitations disappear and only pure FREEDOM remains. The bound becomes the unbound. The limited becomes unlimited. This experience was of nothing but just BEING. Shamanic Vision 2 nd Qtr 2017 15