SGGS Main School Prospectus SGGS Prospectus_FINAL - Page 9

Celebrate T here is much to celebrate at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School and this is evidenced in our corridors and spaces as you walk around. Academic triumphs are regularly reviewed and applauded. We also look at the personal growth of our students and celebrate accomplishments that cannot be measured by academic success. These might include independent thinking, creativity, empowerment of yourself and others, resilience, perseverance, motivation, teamwork and flexibility. Students are reminded of the importance of integrity and kindness, whilst critical, high-level communication is expected. We also place value on being a good friend; celebrating others’ success and not just focusing on your own. There is a real feeling of authenticity amongst our students and a strong sense of community, which is also regularly celebrated. Every year, we host events that celebrate effort and attainment across all areas. These include the annual Gym and Dance Showcase, the Sports Awards, the Last Night of the Proms musical event, Science Week, the school’s production, the Awards After-Party, the GCSE and A-level Art Exhibition, the Year 7-10 Awards Event and the Year 11 and 13 Awards Event. All of our events promote belief – in yourself and in others – as this trait is both important and valuable for our students as they move to the next chapter of their lives. Stratford Girls’ Grammar School 9